Kids Talk Radio: Music News

Kids Talk Radio: Musical Revolution!
By Sooji Nam, Kids Talk Radio

KTR Band_6872

Bob Barboza and his Kids Talk Radio Sound Effect’s Orchestra members are actively participating in various projects that involve unique music. On December 16th, Kids Talk Radio will be presenting various sounds that were present in the Mayan rainforests through technology. The members will be transforming the Mayan rhythms into American Visual Jazz. The special sounds effects that are highly related to the Mayan culture and calendar include lightning, animal sounds and rainstorms. Kids Talk Radio will be hosting this event through its very own Kids Talk Radio Sound Effect’s Orchestra. The members are currently working on a Mayan Visual Jazz Opera performance. The audience will be able to connect with the past of the Mayans through a simple click of a button. Bob Barboza will be performing the Handsonic 10, Handsonic 15, fretless bass, electronic bass, sound effects, and Mayan Jazz Opera Score. Kids Talk Radio will also perform world music, jazz, modern dance, visual arts by using a wide variety of electronic instruments. Similarly, Kids Talk Radio is involved with the Rheuben Allen Foundation. Rheuben Allen is the co-founder and designer of the amazing Rheuben Allen and Kenny G’s saxophones. He will have the opportunity to donate several instruments to numerous schools in the USA. He will also explore plans to donate in other countries.  These plans are not final.  Rheuben Allen and Kids Talk Radio are still working to find creative ways to donate to those in need. This  new foundation also includes musical training, instruments repair and music video productions. Kids Talk Radio is taking one step closer to a world connected through the power of music!


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