USC’s High School Journalism Day An Experience Never to be Forgotten


            On November 30, 2012, I received an opportunity to attend the University of Southern California High School Journalism Day at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Despite the weather forecast of imminent rain, I was still determined to wake up at the break of dawn to prepare myself for this event. Along with Bob Barboza, the founder of Kids Talk Radio, I was very excited to participate in the workshops that were included on my schedule: “TV Production”, “Photojournalism”, and “Crafting Multimedia Stories”. Ever since seventh grade, my aspirations involved becoming an influential anchorwoman on prestigious television stations, such as KTLA and CNN. Therefore, by attending this event at USC, my goals of pursuing an education in broadcast journalism were strengthened.                                                 As my first session was “TV Production” for the Annenberg TV News, I was eager to participate in a mock newscast hosted by the Annenberg undergraduate and graduate students themselves. Given the opportunity to be “Anchor B”, I realized that this was my chance to fully experience the joys and thrills of broadcasting information to others. Although I missed the red lights on the cameras, forgot to look in the right directions, and was caught fixing my hair when the camera was pointed at me, the experience was truly memorable. My colleagues have consistently explained to me that once I step on campus grounds, I will definitely feel the comfortable environment and know that the university or college was right for me.  Never have I believed that, until that moment when I was given the opportunity to speak as a mock anchorwoman at the ATVN studio. Never was I also able to connect more deeply with high school students who possess similar interests than at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.                                                                                                                                             Ever since that day, I have proudly showed the nametag I received from participating in the event for others to envy and awe. I am extremely grateful to my supervisor and my peers for providing me an amazing opportunity at a prestigious university. More than ever, I am very confident that broadcast journalism is the field I want to major in, so I can pursue my dream of becoming one of the best anchorwomen in the world.


One thought on “USC’s High School Journalism Day An Experience Never to be Forgotten

  1. Kids Talk Radio Student Backpack Journalists attend USC’s High School Journalism Day twice a year. Sooji Nam is our Korean reporter cover the city of Los Angeles, California. She is a high school student reporting the news in English and Korean.

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