Curiosity Won’t Hurt


Curiosity Won’t Hurt

By Sooji Nam, for Kids Talk Radio South Korea

The Croods are beings that one will never miss in the history of cavemen. A family of six, including Grug (voice of Nicholas Cage), Eep (Emma Stone), Ugga (Catherine Keener), Gran (Cloris Leachman), Thunk (Clark Duke), and Sandy (Randy Thom), the Croods are ordered to live under the cave for the rest of their lives. Afraid of danger brought by natural disasters, paternal leader Grug recognizes survival and only survival his motive of life.

            A natural disaster destroys the Croods’ cave and forces them to search for a new home in a world of wondrous nature. Guy (Ryan Reynolds) decides to help this family with his new ideas of survival. However, Guy and Grug are not very compatible because Grug senses that the young boy has started to accumulate feelings for his only daughter. In addition, he does not enjoy new ideas but rather prefers following the monotonous events every single day.

            In contrast, the rest of the family seems to enjoy Guy’s presence as he provides days filled with scuba diving, puppet-making, family stories, and hearty meals. In the end, the Croods find a new world with challenging adventures, but most importantly find a friend in Guy. The Croods have learned that although survival is crucial, curiosity and adventure will bring the family closer together.

            Although this movie targets a younger audience, people of all ages will be able to enjoy this family comedy. Every minute is filled with laughter as the Croods deal with nature in a very premature way. The movie not only entertains, but also teaches a valuable lesson that people can overlook in their lives. Rather than always following what one is rigidly told to do, one should regain one’s sense of curiosity and adventure in life. Imagination is the main factor that motivates people to exceed beyond what is given. Although survival is a crucial point in life, people should never forget their creative sides that can bring forth more excitement every single day.

            The Croods will never be forgotten, especially because they know how to make the most of life with their sense of curiosity and imagination.



Sooji Nam is a reporter for Kids Talk Radio Student Backpack Journalist covering South Korea and the Korean people in  Los Angeles.  She is a high school with goals to attend USC’s School of Communication and Journalism.


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