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Who wants to go to Mars?

NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today’s Mars by Staff Writers Pasadena CA (JPL) Sep 29, 2015 Dark, narrow streaks on Martian slopes such as these at Hale Crater are inferred to be formed by seasonal flow of water on contemporary Mars. The streaks are roughly the length of a football field. Image […]

Can my iPhone work on Mars?

Communication with Mars and Earth I am taking my iPhone with me to Mars.   The students working on the Occupy Mars Learning Adventures are coming up with creative ways to simulate how we will communicate with each other on Mars. We are experimenting with custom software and the iPhone 6. Bob Barboza has written […]

Calling All South Korean Teachers and Students: You are invited to our STEM STAR PARTY

Kids Talk Radio STEM STAR Party Our NASA STEM Classroom at 49,000 Feet Bob Barboza and Kids Talk Radio Science is Hosting A NASA SOFIA STEM STAR Party Tuesday, September 15 6:30 p.m. in the Los Altos United Methodist Church Lounge Astronomer Jerry Larsen and space science and robotic’s educator Bob Barboza will co-host a live teleconversation with two […]

International Dot Day in Korea and the USA

One of the most creative people I know is Peter Reynolds.  He is an artist that inspires me. When he came up with the idea of having an international Dot Day, I loved his idea.   Every draws a circle and you pot whatever you want in that circle.  You can use pencils, pens, paints, […]

American Students Share Their Robotics with Students in South Korea

Kids Talk Radio Science was at California State University, Long Beach and we found an entire team of Korean American students in a robotics club.  They worked hard to build robots that could compete in a world robotics competition. You can find more photos at We are looking for more stories to share with […]

Science Fiction Writers Wanted from USA or Sotuh Korea

Wanted Science Fiction Writers The Kids Talk Radio show in the USA is looking to hire science fiction writers from around the world.   We are working on ten original stories centered around ten aliens that we have created for our new visual jazz opera called, “The Occupy Mars Learning Adventures.” This opportunity is open to […]