Students in the USA are Planning to Work with High School Students in South Korea

The Barboza Space Center, has been training Jr. astronauts, scientists and engineers in the USA for the past four years.  We want to expand to South Korean high schools.

For more information contact:

Astronaut training describes the complex process of preparing astronauts for their space missions before, during and after the flight, which includes medical tests, physical training, extra-vehicular activity (KYS) training, procedure training, rehabilitation process, as well as training on experiments they will accomplish during their stay in space.

The training is geared to the special conditions and environments astronauts will be confronted with during launch, in space, and during landing. All phases of the flight must be taken into account during training to ensure safety to, and functionality of the astronauts, as well as to ensure a successful completion of the mission. The Apollo astronauts that walked on the Moon also received training for geology fieldwork on the Lunar surface.

The Barboza Space Center is about creating simulations of astronaut training for high school students.  “We are forming “tiger Teams” to support astronauts is solving real NASA and Space X problems through simulation project-based learning.

Other high school students from Australia, USA and Cabo Vetde will join the South Korean high school students and teachers.


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