Looking for Talented Science Students

Regeneron Science Talent Search 2018 The Regeneron Science Talent Search (Regeneron STS), a program of Society for Science & the Public (Society) is the nation’s most prestigious science research competition for high school seniors.  Since 1942, first in partnership with Westinghouse, then with Intel 1998-2016, and now with Regeneron, the Society has provided a national […]

Exploring how light works on Earth and Mars

How Lightning is Created The conditions needed to produce lightning have been known for some time. However, exactly how lightning forms has never been verified so there is room for debate.Leading theories focus around separation of electric charge and generation of an electric field within a thunderstorm. Recent studies also indicate that ice, hail, and […]

Can we find lightning storms on Mars?

How Sandstorms Generate Spectacular Lightning Displays How can nonconducting sand particles transfer the huge amounts of charge needed to generate spectacular lightning displays? A new model finally explains this phenomenon. Comments:  Our students have been asking if there are lightning storms on Mars?    We wanted to share this article that came from MIT. One […]

Studying Mars While Visiting New Mexico, USA

El Morro National Monument Barboza Space Center News:   We have just returned from our summer New Mexico geology field trip. We are always looking to compare and contract Earth and Mars. We invite you to visit our most recent photo essay below.   In addition, we are paving the way for our 2018 Barboza […]

Students in the USA are Planning to Work with High School Students in South Korea

The Barboza Space Center, http://www.BarbozaSpaceCenter.com has been training Jr. astronauts, scientists and engineers in the USA for the past four years.  We want to expand to South Korean high schools. For more information contact: Suprschool@aol.com Astronaut training describes the complex process of preparing astronauts for their space missions before, during and after the flight, which […]